Our Story

After a lengthy and sometimes stressful career in banking and collections, Cinde Walker decided she was ready for a change of pace and a completely new career.

With an eye for design and a love of hard work and people pleasing, she decided to open her own gift shop. After searching for the perfect location, she purchased a piece of property that included a 45+ year old dilapidated metal building.

Although everyone encouraged her to tear the building down and rebuild, she had a vision for Ballyhoo that included the metal barn. Cinde and her husband Wayne are no strangers to home improvement projects, and have always been a DIY team. This project was a big one, but together, with lots of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears, they turned her vision into a reality. 

Cinde's Vision

Cinde's goal from the very beginning of opening her store has been to provide her customers with unique, quality merchandise, and exceptional customer service. She says her goal is for every customer that comes through her doors to realize how much they are appreciated. She knows the world is full of other places to shop, and everyone's time and money is quite valuable. She strives to provide her customers with merchandise they don't find on every corner, and to do whatever she can to make their lives easier when shopping. She travels to several markets a year and buys from all over the United States to provide the correct and most up to date product mix. Cinde promotes American made and Mississippi crafted products whenever possible.  

Text "Ballyhoo" to 57711 and reply "yes" to be the first to get notice of sales and events!